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Our Tea Selection

Rooibos Teas (Caffeine Free)

Cherry-Nilla ● Crème Brûlée


Herbal Teas (Caffeine Free)

Berry Best ● Chamomile Lemongrass ● Cranberry Orange Mix ● Epic Mint ● Fun Summer ● Hibiscus Sip ● Lemon Ginger Breeze ● Red Punch ● Royal Mango ● Rose Petals Brew ● RoseBerry ● Strawberry Tropical Infusion ● Vanilla Zilla


Green Teas

Jasmine Citric Fusion


Black Teas

Chocolate Souffle ● Earl Grey ● Earl Grey (Decaf) ● English Breakfast ● English Breakfast (Decaf) ● French Vanilla ●

Ginger Peach Punch ● Orange Crown ● Piña Colada ● Raspberry Beach ● Regal Lemon Lavender ● Spicy Pumpkin ●

Strawberry Sky ● Tasty Peach ● Tasty Peach (Decaf) ● Zesty Apple

Brief Description

Berry Best: Combines blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry essences with a floral base of rosehips, chamomile, hibiscus, and South African rooibos.

Cherry-Nilla: A cheerful, sweet blend of cherry and zesty flavors.

Chocolate Souffle: House-blend that combines rich cacao shells, creamy vanilla essence, and pu-erh black tea.

Cranberry Orange Mix: Combines cranberry essence with a unique base of chamomile flowers and orange peel.

Epic Mint: Combines sweet lemongrass with refreshing peppermint and a hint of dried apple.

Fun Summer: This is a tropical brew with a fruity, floral finish. Combines summer fruits and flowers with creamy coconut.

Ginger Peach Punch: Combines fresh ginger and the essence of sun-ripened peaches with a base of organic black tea.

Hibiscus Sip: House-blend that combines lemon peel, and lemongrass with spearmint leaves, tropical essence with various organic botanicals, and a base of robust black tea.

Jasmine Citric Fusion: combines delicate jasmine green tea with orange peel and almond essence.

Lemon Ginger Breeze: herb and spice combo that creates a lusciously lemony cup that is intertwined with a kick of ginger.

Orange Crown: house-blend that combines orange peel with sweet cinnamon spice, a base of rosehips. organic oolong, green and jasmine teas.

Raspberry Beach: Combines organic black tea with red raspberry essence.

Regal Lemon Lavender: House-blend that combines organic purple lavender petals, green rooibos, and black tea with citrus.

Red Punch: combines tropical fruit essence and fragrant spice with a base of South African rooibos.

Rose Petals Brew: combines rose and chamomile flowers with three adaptogenic varieties of Tulsi (Krishna, Rama, and Vana).

Royal Mango: combines fruit essence and rooibos with three adaptogenic varieties of Tulsi (Krishna, Rama, and Vana).

Strawberry Tropical Infusion: this is a tropical infusion in a seductively delicious cup. Infused with sweet notes of ripe strawberries and delicate rose petals, this fragrant blend is delightfully decadent and refreshing.

Strawberry Sky: combines organic black tea with a splash of sweet strawberry nuance.

RoseBerry: a ruby red brew of fruits and flowers that has a bright juicy flavor that is lovely hot or iced.

Tasty Peach: combines the essence of sun-ripened peaches with aromatic spices and a base of organic black tea.

Vanilla Zilla: This is a creamy blend with sweet, earthy undertones. Combines vanilla essence with a base of South African rooibos.

Zesty Apple: combines organic cinnamon spice with the essence of harvested apples and an organic black tea base.

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